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Have you ever seen how girls behave at a male strip club?!?

It's freaking insane! And now you can see for yourself just how wild and sex crazed these girls really get. For over 5 years our dance troupe of stripping guys have been showing our dicks to real girls and videotaping the whole event! It's real tapes, photos and footage from real bachelorette parties, real birthday parties and more!
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DancingBear: Swinging Dicks!
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We're back with more horny women to satisfy. Each stud comes out swinging their dicks, driving them crazy. Scratching and clawing to get a taste. They went around the room and each one clamped those juicy lips on the dick. Stroking away. Sucking the dick good until each dancer came, one by one. Enjoy...

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Dancing Bear Club - An Ocean of Mouths
We're up in the club once again for more dick sucking mayhem! We've got 6 strippers and women for as far as the eye can see waiting to service their cocks. Nothing like a fast paced all out dick sucking rivalry between some women! Ali got a chance to rail this smokin' hot chick who had an amazing ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Balls Out Casual Friday
Why can't my day job be like theirs, or even in the same building. I can't remember clearly but I guess one of the employees was being transferred so this was her farewell, or her birthday. Fuck, who cares. This was probably the hottest show so far. Just the look of all these professional chicks ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Strippers on the Blonde
A stack of bills, a little booze, and dark club all these are things when put together gives you a good night. Then make it a girls night out and call us in and you have a once in a life time experience. Like this night here. I don't who is going to marry this blonde but he is going to have his h ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - The Dancing Bear Is Horny and Ready To Get His Cock Sucked!
The Dancing Bear is back! In full effect! This update you will find a room full of women ready for dick to fly around. The girls were ready and impatiently waiting. Once the dancers came out, mayhem erupted. One by one they sucked the dicks. Insane I tell you! From Amateurs to Milfs. Come and see ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - The Bachelorette & The Bear
It's such a myth that girls don't have crazy fucking bachelorette parties like guys do. Screw the shower, the wedding and everything else, this is what the girls are really looking forward to. We were lucky enough to throw a party for the soon to be married Jenny and her friends, and they turned ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - The Strip show of Her Life
Some girls go all out for any old birthday. Like these girls, and talking to most of them actually got there boyfriends to pay for the party that was no guys allowed, except for our buff ass strippers of course. I would almost be ashamed of accepting the cash if I wasn't having such good time wat ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Lick it Off the Glass
Another wonderful day for the Dancing Bear crew. We blew it out today with a nightclub full of hot and horny college girls looking for a good time and don't care who knows it. These girls got nutty once the guys bared all so to speak. I don't even know after watching this shit how many mouths tou ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Special Delivery
Damn we have the best jobs ever! One of our crew members happens to be friends with this really hot college chick, and she and some of her horny friends had a party the other night which we happened to attend! These girls were sucking dick like their lives depended on it! There was even some fuck ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Lana's Last Day of Debauchery
Yes, another bachelorette making another step into the boring land for this hot ass bride to be. There is no better reason to call us up. We will give you the party of your life. We will give you the full monty. And yes, you can touch us. And if your hot we will fuck you. No strings attached. Our ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Cock Attack
Nothing amuses me more than these downtown house calls. When we got to the house, we were welcomed by about a dozen horny girls crowded into a small living room. As we got the show going, we figured everyone was a little more than we could handle! As soon as we started, none of the girls could ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - We've Got Loads!
Hello ladies and gentlemen. Here is yet another fabulous edition of the amazing Dancing Bear. Here you will find a giant group of women, most of whom will be sucking the dicks of several young male strippers, and small number of those women who are sucking these dicks will also be catching a face ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Dick, Dick, Goose
We're up in another club with our top dancers and a room full of dick-sucking lips just waiting to get a taste of man meat! Whoooo I really liked these women we had on this shoot, some gorgeous, horny specimens that really put on a good show for us! I am always surprised to see the techniques the ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Cock Party!
The Dancing bear is back for some non-stop action. Blowjobs, blowjobs, blowjobs! All these beautiful women and not enough cocks. Well, I guess that means more mouths to a cock. These ladies suck dick like craxzy. Spitting all over the dick. Deep-throating the dick and loving every minute of it. C ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
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