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Have you ever seen how girls behave at a male strip club?!?

It's freaking insane! And now you can see for yourself just how wild and sex crazed these girls really get. For over 5 years our dance troupe of stripping guys have been showing our dicks to real girls and videotaping the whole event! It's real tapes, photos and footage from real bachelorette parties, real birthday parties and more!
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dancingbear.com Frosting some faces cfnm
DancingBear: Frosting some faces
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We had another great outing recently and I'm bringing it to you fresh off the press. This was a great night of gorgeous women sucking dick like it was the end of the world! Several women got some great facials and we had a sexy bride to be with a MASSIVE set of amazing tits, and she got exactly what she wanted, a face full of hot jizz!! ...

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Dancing Bear Club - What Happens in the Club, Stays in the Club
Dick sucking lips in the house!!! We're doing it big this week at a local club, packed with some of the hottest women I've seen in awhile! All the girls were pretty eager to put their meat tenderizers to use on our boys, and let's just say that everyone left with a smile! You know us, we never st ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - 360 Degrees of Lip Service
We locked up this little local spot for the day, and had one of our finest shows ever! The women were out in full force to try this smorgasbord of all kinds of cock! Emerge, Phoenix, Johnny, Champ and Sebastian are all here but the ladies stole this show with their dick sucking skills. I could ba ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Party in the Salon
Wow! This one is really crazy. So this chick I knew from High School, just found some sorry jerk off that's willing to marry her. (Clearly he didn't know her reputation around the locker room.) So I knew things were going to get nutty at her bachelorette party and I asked her if we could film it. ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Give the Gift of Dick
I don't know who these girls know or how we got away with it but this was an off night of a normal club. When we got to the address and saw this was a regular night. The guys got a little nervous. This is a public place there will be guys and girls showing up to a bit more then they bargained but ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Dick-Sucking Orgy For The Bride To Be
This bride and her friends have thrown a huge banquet party for one last fling, and that means lots of strippers, drinks and lots of sexy ladies, and lots of raw cock meat flying all over the place! These girls are ready to go and get amped up when the bear comes out and starts busting some moves ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - FOUR TIMES THE FUN!
We're happy to bring you a special end of year bonus video. We've put together 4 previously unreleased shoots into one update!! The amount of girls, dick sucking and fucking on here is going to make your head spin. So block off some time, grab a drink and enjoy!! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Dancing Bear house party!
We are back in the house for this Dancing Bear update! This group of super sexy women have invited our crew to their place for some wild dick slanging action! Boy are we lucky because this group of ladies are smoking hot and they are down to suck on some dancing dicks! Whipped cream and cum for e ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Suck some dick like it's your birthday!
Shoot Description: It's another Night out for a bunch of lucky ladies and we got a local hot spot this time around, and let me tell you, the women were lined up to get and get a taste of team Bear. These females left their boyfriends and husbands at home for a chance to get their lips around some ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Bachelorette Party Goes Crazy For the Bear!
Ain't much better in this world than smashing some soon to be off limits pussy. Our little bachelorette here came to the bear to get her last bits of fun in before taking the big plunge. Her and her friends though what happens on the bear, stays on the bear. Nope. What happens on the bear, g ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Enough Cum to Ice the Cake
DAMN These girls know how to throw a birthday party for their fellow friend and co-worker! We got one of our guys to infiltrate the office as a package boy, and once he was in, shit got pretty hardcore! This was one hell of a birthday party, complete with dick sucking, dick sucking and more dick ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Dick In a Box
Were back again with another nutty episode. This time we changed it up a little bit and had some of our studs come out with a little present for the ladies. Their Dicks! (in a box). Needless to say when the ladies saw what was inside their jaws hit the floor, and that's exactly where we wanted t ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Sea of Women
We got a great lineup of strippers tonight for a whole club FULL of lovely ladies. We had so many women that we had to expand our show to feed all their needs!! Dick after dick after dick gets sucked on by these gorgeous hotties; it's enough to make your fucking head spin! This is one great episo ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Suck and Fuck Like Nobody is Watching
We got a great video for you today! Some new strippers along with a ton of hot new ladies just ready to feast! We couldn't hold these ladies back from taste testing each of our guys, and these ladies were horny as ever! Two of these fine women got FUCKED in front of everyone at the party! It was ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Ballroom Blitz
What's up all you bear fans!?!!? We set up shop in a ballroom at a fancy hotel hoping to attract some fine ladies, and boyyyyy did we ever!!! We got some of the finest ladies I have ever seen, all of them ready to go and waiting to see our studs strut their stuff! When the man meat comes out, the ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
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