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Have you ever seen how girls behave at a male strip club?!?

It's freaking insane! And now you can see for yourself just how wild and sex crazed these girls really get. For over 5 years our dance troupe of stripping guys have been showing our dicks to real girls and videotaping the whole event! It's real tapes, photos and footage from real bachelorette parties, real birthday parties and more!
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DancingBear: The Bear in the House!
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Hey, party people! Get ready for the wildest house party -- Bear style. Our home girl decided to be a very good friend and get all her home girls a special surprise and hire the bear for her house party. Needless to say all the girls were happy and ready to suck dick and I do mean a lot of dick sucking to go around! Our guys had a ball and the girls really enjoyed their party!...

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Dancing Bear Club - Out Of Control
What's up all you bear fans? We're coming at you hardcore from a local strip club this week, and shit is getting crazy! It seems girls are getting hornier and hotter every time I whip out my camera. All types and shapes of women were at this party and they were all begging to get some dick down t ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - The Horny Bride!
Episode: It's another Dancing Bear blow out. This time, we got our hands on a local bar, packed it with it ladies and introduced them to our crew. We added some new players to the line up and the girls just couldn't keep their hands (or mouths) off of our studs. All these girls left their inhibit ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Dick-Sucking Orgy For The Bride To Be
This bride and her friends have thrown a huge banquet party for one last fling, and that means lots of strippers, drinks and lots of sexy ladies, and lots of raw cock meat flying all over the place! These girls are ready to go and get amped up when the bear comes out and starts busting some moves ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - BJ Bonanza
Women are crazy. I'm not really sure what else to say. But after watching this video I'm convinced. When you get a huge ratio of horny women in a room vs naked male strippers, THE SHIT GOES DOWN! It's like these women turn on their survival instinct but instead of needing to eat food they have to ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Playtime With Some Big Dick Strippers
This party containing some really hot girls that get down and dirty. We get to see these fearless strippers doing their thing while the girls go crazy. Watch them cheer, watch them dance and watch get on their knees! Oh Yea, It's Dancing Bear Baby!! ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Around The World In 100 Mouths
We've created a monster! These parties keep getting bigger and bigger, and we can no longer contain them!! There is no shortage of gorgeous women here and we're gonna show you some real dick sucking skills! Whatever type of women you prefer, we've got 'em and they probably have their lips wrapp ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Suck, Suck, Pass
Girls, girls, girls. Man this was a great shoot! We had 8 of our top guys on hand and a boatload of sexy women waiting to service them. We get a great variety of hot women up in our clubs, and this one is no exception. Cute, sexy, hot, horny, shy, and eager girls, all waiting to get a piece of me ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - An Ocean of Mouths
We're up in the club once again for more dick sucking mayhem! We've got 6 strippers and women for as far as the eye can see waiting to service their cocks. Nothing like a fast paced all out dick sucking rivalry between some women! Ali got a chance to rail this smokin' hot chick who had an amazing ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Crazy Ass Male Review
Talk about a lucky score of hottie's! We had a slow week so we decided to just throw or own Party dubbing it the 1st annual dancing bear review, which was a huge success. We rented a local bar for the night and managed get the word out enough to fill every seat in the house with a bunch of wild g ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Dick For The Masses
Dancing Bear is back for all the cock craving women. Gather around and see what we have in store for you. Nothing but oiled men swinging their big dicks around helicopter style. Nothing but acrobatics then cock-blowing and some hard-core pounding. What more could you ask for. Oh! Also a massive f ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Amateurs With Mouths Full Of Dicks!
It's about to go down! Welcome back DancingBear. We fucking missed you! There's nothing like watching The Dancing Bear do his thing. Shaking that ass and swing that dick!. These ladies went wild for the Bear and his comrades. There was no holding them back. Eager to suck some male-strip ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Strip Club Debauchery
What happens when you get a packed strip club full of really hot, really horny girls? THIS!! These girls didn't hold back at all! This was a ball fondling, dick sucking, cum catching good time! Have you ever wanted to see a midget jester get sucked off by a really hot blonde? What about two ridic ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Stripper House Call
I never understand why the girls insist on the pizza delivery routine I mean when was the last time a Bear rang your bell with a large pepperoni. I offer this service but I didn't realize how ridiculous it was until I watched these guys do it a million times. Anyways this was another pizza show w ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Happy Birthday from Dancing Bear!!
Our girl Cindy is celebrating her 21st Birthday today, so we decided to wait until after work and surprise her with a few cocks!! We waited til the office was closed and busted out all the Dancing Bear talent to show us and Cindy a good time! We learned who the FREAKS are in our office.. some of ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
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