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dancingbear.com House Par-tay! cfnm
DancingBear: House Par-tay!
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Wow! I knew things were going to get nutty at this house party and I asked if we could film it. At first they were hesitant but after I promised free entertainment and they saw a couple of our boys they was game. Needless to say these chicks were ready to party and they were ready to dish out some great head as the strippers went around. You guys won't wanna miss this one the old bear is back to rock the house!...

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Dancing Bear Club - Dick For The Masses
Dancing Bear is back for all the cock craving women. Gather around and see what we have in store for you. Nothing but oiled men swinging their big dicks around helicopter style. Nothing but acrobatics then cock-blowing and some hard-core pounding. What more could you ask for. Oh! Also a massive f ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - The Stripping Bears House Call
One of the funny things about this traveling freak show is that the bear has to show up wherever he goes in costume. So nothing amuses me more then these downtown house calls, where we have to park blocks away and Sebastian would have to get suited up and make a long trek to the party in full cos ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - We've Got Loads!
Hello ladies and gentlemen. Here is yet another fabulous edition of the amazing Dancing Bear. Here you will find a giant group of women, most of whom will be sucking the dicks of several young male strippers, and small number of those women who are sucking these dicks will also be catching a face ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - The Bear in the House!
Hey, party people! Get ready for the wildest house party -- Bear style. Our home girl decided to be a very good friend and get all her home girls a special surprise and hire the bear for her house party. Needless to say all the girls were happy and ready to suck dick and I do mean a lot of dic ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Starting the new Year with a Bang!
It's a new year and we want to start it off right!! We're going all out with more hot girls than you can imagine! We PACKED this strip club full of as many girls as the fire code would allow us to, and believe me, they all want a shot at the cock! Happy new year, and ENJOY! ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Stevie's bachelorette party
The Dancing Bear is back for you horny bitches! I know it's been long time coming. Hope you forgive us, but we had to go back to the drawing board so we can come back full force. We heard somebody was getting ready to tie the knot, so we crashed Stevie's bachelorette party. I'm sur ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - The Bride To Be Gets Naughty
We love bachelorette parties. It's usually a last chance for one lady and all of her to have one more night of fun... and that includes sucking a lot of dicks. We brought in the best of the best of our Dancing Bear entertainers and had an all out raunchy good time with these ladies. Want to see t ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Jenn's Bachlorete Party
We're about to turn Jen's Bachlorette party into an all out raunch fest, with some of the hottest women we could find. We got our best and most talented lineup of guys to show these girls a good time, and as you can see, they really enjoyed themselves and let loose! You never know what's going to ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Cock Attack
Nothing amuses me more than these downtown house calls. When we got to the house, we were welcomed by about a dozen horny girls crowded into a small living room. As we got the show going, we figured everyone was a little more than we could handle! As soon as we started, none of the girls could ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Jordan's Divorcerette Party
They say there is nothing worse than a woman scorned and boy are they right. Today, the girls decided to have a celebration in the name of Jordan's divorce. After 8 years of marriage, she is so ready to have a another man's dick in her mouth, and inside of her. The girls also take advantage of ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Cock Party!
The Dancing bear is back for some non-stop action. Blowjobs, blowjobs, blowjobs! All these beautiful women and not enough cocks. Well, I guess that means more mouths to a cock. These ladies suck dick like craxzy. Spitting all over the dick. Deep-throating the dick and loving every minute of it. C ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Alaina's Fiesta
It's a beautiful thing to see women celebrate their birthdays with the Dancing Bears I mean really...what better way to do it. Today we have Alaina celebrating her birthday with us and let me tell you the girl's are having too much fun especially the birthday girl who gets dicked down by the Danc ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - Christie's Bachelorette Party from Dancing Bear
Christie has a body most women dream about and is about to tie the knot. We decided to throw her a super bachelorette party before she is locked down for the rest of her life. We're not sure if this was such a great idea and we think that maybe she was having a little bit too much fun. She suc ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
Dancing Bear Club - A Party and a Plate of Cum
Let me introduce you guys to Rick... Rick the Dick. Rick is my trainer, not the sharpest knife in the drawer but the ladies love his body. One night at the gym I was avoiding my next set so I was trying to distract him by telling about the parties I have been working and the all the crazy shit go ... ENTER THE DANCING BEAR CLUB NOW!
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